When in Germany, be German!

"The best way to get along with people is not to expect them to be like you" - Joyce Meyer My approach towards daily life in Stuttgart was starting to change, since my return from the trip to Austria. I started trying to make an effort to understand people from this part of Germany and … Continue reading When in Germany, be German!

Quintessential city – Heidelberg!

"It is old and it is extremely picturesque." River Neckar with the majestic castle After the visit to Prague, I didn't know I could be stumped, yet once again. It was in a city called "Heidelberg". Why was I there? Well one of my dearest best friend lives there. He is pursuing his studies in … Continue reading Quintessential city – Heidelberg!

Embark on an epic journey – Formula Student Germany 2104!

Well, there is always something that you watch on TV, hear about it and wish you could just see it once. With the same hope in my heart, I had applied for Formula Student Germany 2014 (FSG 2014) months ago. And patience, had finally paid off. I received¬† my acceptance letter from them and they … Continue reading Embark on an epic journey – Formula Student Germany 2104!

Stuttgart – First glance…First Interview…

"Dreams don't work unless you do!" So the day had finally knocked on the door. It was my first interview in Germany. With all the excitement and nervousness and lots of blessings, I left my room at 5:30am. I had a train to Nuremberg, where I had to change to another train for Stuttgart. It's … Continue reading Stuttgart – First glance…First Interview…