Christmas in Germany – Part 1

"Because best things happen when you least expect them..." After a not so great first Christmas, it was December again, and the second Christmas in Germany was right around the corner. While there was reflection of festive season all around, well I had to wait for my turn. I had an exam before that. Along … Continue reading Christmas in Germany – Part 1


13 things every person living away will relate to

"Distance means so little, when someone means so much" The time I felt truly out of home, out of place and absolutely lost in my solitude was when I moved for my internship to Stuttgart. After spending one year at Chemnitz with some of the most amazing friends, it was time to pack everything and … Continue reading 13 things every person living away will relate to

Stuttgart – New city. Surprises await…

"Change brings opportunity!" Or so they say. Moving out of Chemnitz was something I was desperately waiting for but as the day came closer to bid farewell, I was caught in the memories of time. Some beautiful time that I had there, that created marvelous memories made it so much more hard for me. I … Continue reading Stuttgart – New city. Surprises await…