Out of place…

"Don't you feel out-of-place in an Indian dress?" someone sitting across me asked. "Why should I?", i asked. "Well, I wouldn't ever come to a party like this in an Indian wear. Western wear makes you feel a part of it." That person replied. Now a little background. This was at an office party recently. … Continue reading Out of place…

Can I really see?

"We are blind as we want to be. ~Maya Angelou" "There's the yellow line Sebastian, step back please", I told to someone at the train station who is destitute of vision. He stopped, turned towards me and told, "Hello, but we haven't met before have we?". It took me a couple of seconds to reply … Continue reading Can I really see?

Source: http://www.nationalstereotype.com/german-stereotypes/

12 things to know at a German workplace

"A workplace can be enjoyed or suffered depending on your attitude towards it!" My first place of work, first step into professional world, first taste of how an organization works in professional terms was at - "Vector Informatik GmbH" (still is). Now just to be clear, this post is solely based on what I have … Continue reading 12 things to know at a German workplace