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The bliss of first snowflake…

It was really funny how days were just passing and the day time were getting shorter. Apples were being sold everywhere possible and it reminded me of the apples they showed in Disney movies – tempting red things. When I explained this to mumma the only thing I heard was (something…something…eat a lot of them…something…by the time you are back you should be like one…something…something… and like every other kid I responded to each line with ‘okay’…’okay’… and it happened in every conversation with her.)

Well sometimes I had some exercise classes for some subjects till 5:15pm. So by the time I used to return home it used to be extremely dark. It was again something that we are not used to. Temperatures were dropping and clothing was getting heavier. One day on the way back, I was at supermarket to buy some wine (because that’s what kept me warm apparently, or just for reason sake) and then I see this offer where we could fill a bucket to its peak and would get the bucket free!!! So, carrying my Indian-ness to utmost, I ended up buying 5,3kgs of beautiful red apples and walked happily to home. I was very happy with my choice, until the realization fell upon me that even if we eat apple made dishes 3 times a day, it wouldn’t be over in 1 week.

Nonetheless, I walked home with the bucket, deep down, feeling happier about the bucket (So typical).

Well, when you are in country like Germany and feel the absolute chilly winds slapping across your face every morning, it is but natural to keep looking outside for signs of snow and download weather apps and constantly keep refreshing them for updates. But I wasn’t that lucky to see it when it usually starts snowing. My seniors had told me that last year they experienced upto -20 degree celcius and since I am such a polar bear who can bear all the cold (sarcasm), I was so looking forward to this.

The most emblematic thing about classes in winter is that you don’t want to go! All I felt like doing was have steaming adrak wali chai (ginger tea) with hot pakodas almost any time of the day and watch movies online (blue ray print , and since I don’t really have the patience to watch cam rip, I used to end up repeating a lot of old movies). And then, my routine started to change.

One fine afternoon, when I was busy having hot ‘n’ sour soup, I received some pictures on whatsapp that clearly made me jump from the chair and run towards the window. But I couldn’t see what I saw in the photos. It wasn’t snowing in that part of Chemnitz! Yet! I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting at the window and which seemed like ages, I finally felt snowflakes on my palms. It was absolutely fantastic! It just falls on hand, and melts instantly.

Took a lot of pictures and sent my first true snowflakes experience to India. After about an hour or so, we could see slight snow settling on everything around. So we decided to go on a walk. After about half an hour, which we took to get ready (thanks to the layers of clothing), we started to walk towards the lake. Luckily, it snowed much more than expected and it was quite possible to collect some by sweeping off the car top. Honestly, I do not remember feeling my hands for the rest of the day, but it was totally worth it!

Hence, I had my first snow fight (kind of) with all the friends that were there at that time and rest were in classes or dorms I guess. Experiencing that same happiness, stories that I have been hearing about from papa for years now, had come true (since papa was in Air Force and had spent quite a lot of years in J&K.)

Now the next thing to look forward was making a snowman and celebrating Christmas!

Let the celebrations begin!


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